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"Bill Gates.... Steve Jobs.... {insert your name here...}!"
Reliable technology vendor

Google, Facebook, Apple, AOL - what do all these companies have in common? They each started with a single “idea”...
So what is your idea?

With the Internet, more than ever before, people are able to chase their dream and give it a shot! Why? Much is due to the low barriers of entry. Imagine you want to open a local shoe store. What's involved? Well there, is rent, insurance, employees, inventory, utilities, etc. Be prepared for a six figure financial investment before your doors are even open for business (not to mention having to find a location!). And all that gives you is a ticket to the game, there is no guarantee your store will be a success.

Compare that concept with the Internet; Want to open an online shoe store? No rent, no utilities, you may not even need an employee (OR even inventory) to start. So what is the financial investment? Maybe $3,000 to $30,000. Compare that to the upfront investment of $100,000+ for a physical store.

That is quite a big difference and that is the power of the Internet.

  • How do I find a dependable technology partner?
  • Do I try to build the online store myself? Or ask a friend to do it?
  • Does my idea even make sense?
  • Where do I start learning about all the technologies involved?
  • What about the business implications of starting a new company?
  • Do I form a corporation, a partnership, LLC? If yes, then how?
  • Should I accept online credit cards? PayPal?

Emaxed is here to get you started in business and on the web:

  • We offer suggestions and advice on all aspects of your technology startup - from corporate formation, to the creation of your website, to online marketing.
  • You will find us a reliable, dependable source of knowledge – a firm that is always in your corner.
  • Whether it is a full functioning system or a simple proof of concept software, we work within your budget to address your specific needs.
  • Our system designs and architecture are above all, easy to use.
  • You will have access to our full network of intelligent professionals including (programmers, designers, accountants and lawyers).
  • You will have found in Emaxed, an excellent team member.

The journey of a thousand miles, all begins with one step.
Call us today and we will help make your dream a reality!
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“Step 1: Imagine a better Mousetrap. Step 2: Design the solution. Step 3: Launch the system. Clients usually come to us after Step 1, and we are with them for the rest of the way!”