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Sample Integration Projects:

  • Import information from web into accounting systems
  • Pull information out of accounting systems to the web
  • Creating web-based forms that populate in-house databases
  • Pull key information out of project management software
    (for integration into a web-based customer area)

Many times our clients don't even know what they need and that's where we shine; we endeavor to become part of your team and your business. Once there we are able to uncover many ways software can directly effect your bottom line!

Systems Integrations are often the most rewarding services we provide AND the least glamorous! For example, let's say you use Quickbooks (or MAS 90 or Peachtree, etc...) as your accounting software. Now imagine you would like to provide a way for your customers to login to your website to view their current balances. That is a systems integration project!

Or maybe you are in the healthcare industry and want to pull your sensitive patient/doctor information out of your private software, and make it securily accessible to patients and doctors via a mobile app. Again, that is a systems integration project.

The two examples above are extremely simplified; for the complexities of an integration project is often deep and involved. That said, whether you have a fully dedicated IT department or no technology staff at all, we are able to provide what is needed. Using the web as a development platform, solutions can be built for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

What once took months can now be done in days...

So let's get started! Give us a call right now:
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